Ain’t Nobody Got Time For STRESS!

I’m stressed!

I’m worried!

I’m anxious!

At some point, we’ve all either said these things, or we’ve felt them. Because the reality of living is that life has a way of bringing us real anxiety. You know what I’m talking about. Like the time you had to pay several bills but you either were low on funds from paying one bill or you literally had no funds to pay any of them. Or like when you watched a loved one get sick and decline in health despite the medicines and treatment they were receiving. Or even when you’ve been through several failed attempts at love. Whatever the case, we all know what it’s like to worry, to stress, to be anxious.

We all know what it’s like to feel like we’ve lost control in our situation!

So, I thought I’d come to give a little encouragement. The first thing I’d like to impart to you is that you are NOT alone! I know that when your immediate circle isn’t experiencing your pain, it can seem as though talking to them is pointless because you don’t want to sound ungrateful, whiny, or annoying. So you keep it all inside and you feel alone. But the truth is, although they may not be in your exact situation at that time, you aren’t the only one who’s experienced pain, loss, tragedy, loneliness, rejection, sadness, etc. Even though it feels like it.

And let’s say hypothetically you were, those aren’t the people you need to hang out with at that moment. No need to be in a room full of sad people just because they “understand” you. Try finding people who can impart joy to you! Try hanging out with people who can offer true wisdom and encouragement that trouble won’t last always.

Now, the second thing I’d like to tell you is that you can’t change anything by worrying or stressing! I know, I know, these are natural responses to painful stimuli. However, you can CHOOSE whether or not you’re going to STAY in these emotions. How do you escape the worry? PRAY! I know it sounds cliche, but realistically, there’s something about prayer that encourages you. And I’d suggest that prayer takes your focus off of the situation and puts it on God.


Now, the last things that I’d like to offer you are a few healthy ways to cope with life’s trials. Because it can be easy to turn to things like sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. But the truth is, those things only cause more damage to you either physically or psychologically. So here are a few ideas that you can try as coping mechanisms.

1. Journaling – there’s something therapeutic about writing. You can write about your situation as a way to vent. OR you can channel the negative energy you’re feeling into something creative and write short stories, blogs, or poems!
2. Singing – Now, just because you can’t sing well doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go into your room and blast some ENCOURAGING music to sing along to. If you’re anything like I was in my past, then you might be inclined to listen to some rap song that testifies with how you feel. BUT I suggest listening to encouraging songs because you can literally sing your way out of your discouragement.
3. Walking – Going for a walk can help you to clear your head in a heated situation.
4. Create – I’ve discovered that searching Pintrest for creative DIY activities is a great way to relax your mind in chaotic situations. It can be as simple as creating your own picture frame to redecorating your bedroom.
5. Cooking – If you like to cook/bake, this would be an awesome time for you to go into your kitchen, throw on your apron, blast your favorite encouraging music, and GO FOR IT!

While worry can’t change anything, a prayer offered in faith is able to change something. Either God will change the situation, or He will change you IN the situation. Either way, something’s going to shake if you truly trust God enough to tell Him about it. And remember that you’re NOT alone, so find healthy ways to cope with your problem!


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