Talk Yourself OUT of It!

We’re only 2 days into 2017 and already there are plenty of things to be discouraged about in my life. After paying to have the poster for a community project I’m working on printed at Walgreens, I remembered that I have not yet found a job. With that said, spending money is like taking the red medicine. It puts a bad taste in my mouth. And unlike the red medicine, it’s not fixing anything.

Thus, I immediately felt myself become discouraged. And despite my brothers attempt to encourage me that everything would be alright, I still felt crappy. So I went to my room and laid there thinking about how my life could not come to watching TV everyday. And interestingly enough, TV made me more upset because of the lack of diversity I saw outside of BET. So I muted the show and laid there.

Randomly, I started singing a song called, “Made A Way” by Gospel artist Travis Green. Some of the lyrics are:

You made a way
When our backs were against the wall
And it looked as if it was over
You made a way
And we’re standing here only because you made a way

As I sat there singing the song, I started remembering other times when I needed God to come through like Kyrie in the 4th quarter of game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals! How I was textbook definition homeless over the summer and He provided housing. How I’ve been broke and unable to pay my rent and He sent someone with money. How I was $5,000 short of my tuition freshman year and He sent the head coach of the women’s basketball team looking for a manager.

The moral of the story is God is able.

And sometimes life will bring situations that can be discouraging. But what I’ve found helpful is talking my way out of it…or rather, singing my way out of it. By singing a worship song, I took my focus off of the situation and planted it on God. And it literally lifted me out of my state of discouragement. Your words have power and in the face of pain and discouragement, you can literally talk yourself into encouragement!

With that said, I employ you to learn the importance of praise and worship in the life of the believer in the midst of your unpleasant circumstances. Worship reminds you of who God is. Praise reminds you of what God is capable of. So…are you feeling discouraged?



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