Men Deserve Love and Affection…Too?

FullSizeRender (4)Every girl deserves to have a man who won’t break her heart

I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures on social media. The cute couple who is seemingly head over heels for one another. They’re usually engaged in some sort of romantic embrace, whether holding hands or hugging tightly. Their smiles make you want to call up your significant other if you have one. And if you’re single, these kinds of photos are usually followed by a double tap, or an enthusiastic, yass! And we gladly repost!

Well, at least, that’s true for a lot of females. Many of us see these cute pictures and we’re moved to testify in agreement that all women (because we’re not girls) deserve to be treated right. And that’s very true. I think women should be treated right by men.

But what about him?

We get so excited about women being treated right and not having our hearts broken that we forget that men have feelings too! Men, too, should be treated with love and honor and respect.
Now, I don’t know what it’s like to be a man, however, I’m pretty positive that men want to be shown love. They want to be encouraged, prayed for, affirmed, gifted, and the like. So why do we focus so much on women only?

I just wanted to advocate foFullSizeRender (5)r the men out there because lately, I’ve noticed that all of the attention and focus is on how women are treated in the relationship. When, in reality, both the woman AND the man should be treated well. However,
I never see pictures with captions like, “All men deserve to not have their hearts broken.”
Ladies, be sure to show love to the man that you’ve committed to. Pray for him. Encourage him. Affirm him. Remind him that he is created in the image of God and that God loves him. Affirm his manhood. Tell him when he’s doing a good job. Listen to him when he’s talking and try to hear what he’s saying. Encourage him to dream. Don’t call him stupid or worthless. Take him out sometime! Surprise him!

Men deserve love and affection too!



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