Too Honest?

Let’s be honest…nobody likes a liar. And nobody wants to be around someone who won’t be honest with them. Just tell the truth! Right? Just be real with me!

You’ve probably at some point dealt with a person who either lies or who just won’t be up front about how they feel and what they think. At least, I know I have! I just want people to be real about how they feel! And because of this, I’d made a decision in my heart to just speak my mind. 

If I think something is funny, chances are, I’ll comment on it. If I think someone is looking rather attractive, I’ll tell my friends, “We bless the Lord for the mighty works of His hands on that man right there!” I’ve even been known, on rare occasions, to tell some guys, “I like your face.” Which turns out to be incredibly awkward for them and incredibly hilarious to me. 

This was all in innocence, I thought. Because the reality is I’d never actually attempt to pursue anything serious with random men. Why? Because my standards are kind of high. But in recent times I realized that what I call, “just being honest,” can have damaging effects. In my past, my “honesty” had gotten me in some really sticky and unwanted situations. And so as a result, I began to mull over the idea that maybe there’s a such thing as being “too honest.”

I silently wondered to myself, “is that a thing?” I thought being honest was a good thing! And well….it is! 
But the reality is, as an ambassador of Christ, I must be mindful of my words. Honesty is not a bad thing but we must be mindful of what we say.
As a child, I was always taught that I must think before I speak! The heart behind this is that I don’t want to say something that I may later regret. And as a believer, I must consider if my words are going to edify and encourage or if they are going to lead to sins like anger or lust.
The Bible describes the tongue as being a fire and a “restless evil” (James 3:1-12). This is because the tongue is incredibly powerful. It can either be used to bless or curse. But it cannot be used for both. 
So while it is good to be honest, in that you do not set out to tell lies, before you say what you’re thinking, consider to yourself if your words are going to be good for edification and encouragement or if your honesty is going to lead to sin.
Because frankly, sometimes it’s just better to shut up!

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