Watch Your Mouth!

“I’m not a pastor”

“I’m never going to finish school”

“Stop calling me a ____________”

If you’re anything like me, these declarations sound familiar. Maybe the people in your life have recognized a calling on your life that you’ve been running from. They see the characteristics of a pastor, a worship leader, a childcare instructor, a business owner, a college graduate, or whatever it is you keep denying even though deep down inside you feel the prompting of God towards it. I think I can speak for many people when I say: we’ve been there before! 

Recently, I was in conversation with a dear friend who had been running from his call to ministry. He knows that he’s called to be a preacher and eventually pastor. But, he’s been running for so long that he’s gotten comfortable with denying it. So, even though he’s acknowledged his call, he still uses language that does not line up with his profession.

It was in that conversation that I realized that when we say yes to God’s calling on our lives, we have to be intentional to change our language to line up with our yes. Often times, we can become prisoners of our own language because denial has become our reflex. The result is that even though you know you’re called to do a certain thing, your reflex is to deny it. And on top of that, fear of the unknown is a common perpetrator.

But, I wanted to encourage those of you who have been struggling to see yourself being who you were created to be. I want to encourage you to live IN purpose ON purpose! Saying yes to the pull of God on your life is only the first step. But you have to line up your language with your declaration. The reason this is important is because words have power! If you continue to use language that is contrary to your yes, then you inadvertently talk yourself out of it!

So, I pray God embolden you with the courage to say YES! I pray that you will be intentional about affirming yourself in your calling. I pray that you will speak life to yourself. I pray that you will prepare yourself for who you will be!

I challenge you today! Grab some sticky notes and write one affirming note everyday and stick it on your mirror as you declare it over yourself. Declare that you WILL finish school. Declare that you ARE a preacher. Declare that you WILL be a business owner. Whatever it is that you’ve been running from…teach yourself to speak life! And in the words of my elders, “watch your mouth!” Because the words that you speak have the power to talk you into it or talk you out of it!

Peace and Blessings to you!





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