I’ve Lost My Motivation! Have You Seen It?

Have you started something and lost all motivation to finish? Like, you started school and are no longer motivated to finish? Or, you started your blog but you have zero motivation to actually put the necessary work into it? Or maybe you haven’t started. Maybe you think about working out but you’re waiting for the motivation to get started. If that’s you, you’re not alone!

I think we’ve all been there before. In fact, in some regards, I’m in that place right now. I am a whole Masters student and yet I often lack the motivation to read. Isn’t that crazy? I’m sure if you reflect on your own life you can relate to some extent.

But, I just want to encourage you, and myself, today. If you’re reading this and you find yourself waiting for the motivation to get started or to finish something that you’ve already started…STOP WAITING! I think we often wait for motivation to just fall out of the sky as if it was some kind of rare meteor sighting or something. But the truth is, waiting for motivation is like playing the game of chance. And, from my experience, motivation never just happens to you…you have to go get it.

Motivation can either be a cure or a crutch. It functions as a cure when we need that final push of strong will as we’re finishing our last set of pushups. It functions as a cure when we’re studying to take that exam. But, beware of using motivation as a crutch. Motivation functions as a crutch when we actively choose not to pursue our dreams because of it’s “absence.” It functions as a crutch when we wait for it to just happen instead of pursuing it head on.

If you need motivation, be your own motivation! Why should you go back to school? Because it will help YOU achieve your dreams. Why should you workout? Because it will help YOU become healthier. Why should you start that blog? Because YOU are an incredibly creative person and YOU have something to say! Whatever you IT is, YOU are the reason you should start and finish!

Don’t let life just happen to you because you’re waiting for motivation. Be your own motivation and just go get it! 

Peace & Blessings!

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