Why You NEED to Cry

As children, we all fell down. Whether you were running outside and tripped over your own feet, or if you were tussling around in the house with your siblings and things got a little out of hand. We all had experiences where we fell and got scraped and cut up. But what did we do when we fell? Well, if you’re human, then you probably cried. You had no qualms about it! Falling and getting hurt is painful and the natural thing to do is cry. And as children, we all had an unspoken understanding that crying was okay. Well, most, if not all, of us, reading this today are no longer children but guess what – it’s still okay to cry!

Usually when we injure ourselves, we never really get mad at ourselves for crying or for feeling the pain. Yet when it comes to emotional wounds, we tell ourselves to toughen up because “I’m too strong to cry.” But the reality is, when you get hurt, whether physically or emotionally, it is painful and you have every right to feel what you feel.

And even more than that, healing is a process that we must learn to take one day at a time. Be patient with yourself because as much as we’d like it to, healing doesn’t happen overnight. IT. IS. A. PROCESS! And the truth is that some days will be better than others. So, when you’re having one of those “other” days, take a deep breath and just allow yourself to feel what you feel. Give yourself permission to cry and know that there is nothing weak about crying – it is as natural as breathing.

Usually, I would give you some advice about steps to take to get over whatever it is that has caused you pain. But unfortunately, I don’t have that. This time, all I have is that it’s okay for you to not be okay sometimes – not to always be the strong one. Because life can hurt sometimes. And the typical response to pain is to cry. We never tell our physical wounds that they need to hurry up and heal, but we do that to our heart. Healing is completely possible – it just takes time. You CAN heal – in time. You WILL heal – in time. But you must extend grace to yourself during the healing process.

Today, I affirm that you do not deserve to be hurt. You do not deserve to be lied to. You do not deserve to be used. You do not deserve to be mistreated. You do not deserve to be manipulated. And when you are, it hurts and I acknowledge that with you. Feel your hurt. It’s a part of the healing process. And if you need, ask someone you trust to sit with you – to hold space with you while you weep. Seek counseling if you need to. Journal if you need to. Implement daily affirmations if you need to. But whatever you do, feel what you need to feel so that you can heal.

Heal. Heal. Heal. Heal. Heal.

Peace and Blessings



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