The Choice is Yours…

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a deep and unending love for the hit TV show, Criminal Minds. I mean, I can literally watch 10 episodes in a row and not get tired! Well, the other day, I was geared up for one of my routine CM Netflix marathons and one episode spoke to me and I thought I’d come to share my thoughts about it. Actually, it was one line from one episode.

Here the team was getting briefed about the next case and during this briefing, Aaron Hotchner, team leader, passes out from what they later find out was internal bleeding. While under the knife for emergency surgery, Hotch dreams that he is in a movie theater with his now deceased wife, Hailey. Hotch is overwhelmed when he sees Hailey who was murdered while on the phone with him by a serial killer that he and his team was hunting down (fun fact, the killer was also in this movie theater enjoying the film with them). Crazy, right? I know!

Well, at the end of their time together, Hailey encourages Hotch to move on without her and to be happy. When he sheepishly tells her that he doesn’t know how, she responds to him by saying, “happiness is a choice, so choose.”

This week, I want to encourage you to choose your happiness. And that looks different for all of us. You can choose your happiness by going for a walk in the park simply because it brings you joy. You can choose your happiness by walking away from toxic people in your life. Or you can even choose your happiness by going back to school like you’ve been wanting to. Because truthfully, sometimes it really is the little things that put a smile in your heart.

So, choose your own happiness today, tomorrow, and every day!

The choice is yours…

Peace & Blessings

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